Help & Support

Here is a mixture of information and tutorials.

If you are new to the Opensimulator or virtual worlds and want to get started with software, a user account and connecting check out the Getting Started section followed by those on Moving Around.

If you are comfortable navigating and want to learn more about doing things in the virtual world the other sections on Customising Your Avatar and Building Things may be useful. Building also includes a basic introduction to scripting.

This cannot cover every feature. Some you may have to discover more about after it has been mentioned. You can check the various menus for related looking items. Many you can find out more about on the web.

Note: Most examples that feature a viewer will be based on the Imprudence client. These are much the same in the Hippo client. While it is hoped that most other viewers will offer a similar set of features they may not look or behave the same way.