Getting Started

To start accessing the Opensimulator you will need two things - a user account and a client or viewer. Once you have that you can connect to a server. This is covered in the last section connecting.

What is Opensim?

The Opensimulator is a virtual world, a three dimensional simulation, much like Second Life. People can move around and interact with the world, the objects and each other.

Each simulator consists of several regions, which can have their own terrain and owner. The Opensimulator is mostly compatible with Second Life. Unlike Second Life, which is proprietary, an opensimulator server can be run by anyone. You can read about the simulator software at

These worlds can be linked so it is possible to move from one to another over an extended hypergrid.

Please note that most of these simulators are run by universities and are normally intended for use by staff and students within the university for academic exercises and research. They are not usually for general public use. Even with an account you will probably not have your own region and will be, in most cases, a spectator. The Otago simulator does provide areas for general experimentation.