Can't Change My Suitcase

As well as My Inventory and the Opensim Library you may get a My Suitcase folder in your Inventory. This usually appears after you use a hypergrid link to visit another simulator. It is used to carry items you may pick up in the other simulator. If it is outside the My Inventory folder, like the Opensim Library, items in it cannot be deleted or rezzed. You can use the Copy and Paste actions to copy items into your inventory from where you can do whatever you like with them. If you do not have a folder with this name in the Inventory then you can pre-empt this issue by creating one in the My Inventory folder.

This is a purely viewer based problem. Unfortunately the viewer only considers items in the My Inventory folder as able to be changed by the user even if you do have rights to them. You can however manipulate this folder using the INVENTORY tool available after logging in to the user management page at

More usefully you can fix this problem. You might lose what you have collected in the current folder but it will make use of it far easier. Go to the user management page above. Select INVENTORY and move the My Suitcase folder into My Inventory.

Now when you visit other simulators this will be the folder used to put items into and, more importantly, you can manipulate them just like any other folder and item in your My Inventory.